Hemp oil makers meet with Tri-State family

Two-year-old Jaelah Jerger has fought most of her life.

Diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy in July of 2017, having a normal life wasn’t always a possibility for the toddler.

That is, until her parents found Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil.

“Shes not having 30 to 40 seizures a day anymore,” said Lelah Jerger, Jaelah’s mother, “It not only changed our life, it changed Jaelah’s quality of life.”

After a lengthy battle for the legality for hemp oil in Indiana that nearly cost the Jerger’s custody of their daughter, and filing a lawsuit against the Department of Child Protective Services, Charlotte’s Web found them.

“When you see someone that stands up on behalf of their own family and on behalf of all these families, many of which choose to remain silent, you immediately kind of say, this is a hero,” said Joel Stanley, CW Hemp Founder.

The maker’s of Charlotte’s Web hemp oil, the Stanley Brothers, flew the Jerger family out to Colorado to say thank you for never giving up the fight, and to show them where Jaelah’s medicine is made.

“That’s not an isolated incident, and many families have had to fight similar fights, and it’s a sad thing. It’s a crime, when you really step back and understand whats happening,” said Stanley.

While the fight may not be over for the Jergers, every smile and every forward step reminds them it is still worth it.

“Just seeing the kids be happy and Jaelah playing is more of a relief for me, and it makes me happy to see that happen,” said Jade Jerger, Jaelah’s father.

The Jerger’s say a “motion to dismiss” has been filed by the state in response to their lawsuit against DCS.

The family plans to appeal, in hopes of having their case heard by a judge.

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(This story was originally published on May 15, 2018)

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