Video – Tree of Life by The Human Revolution – Song about the remarkable Hemp Plant Cannabis sativa

Tree of Life, winner of 2007 Marijuana Music Awards Best Music Video!

An educational music video about the many industrial uses and health benefits of the American Hemp plant. Featuring the song “Tree of Life” by Human of the band The Human Revolution.

Cannabis sativa “hemp” can benefit all of mankind.
It is #1 for: fiber, paper, food, oil, medicine and fuel.


Tree of Life
Words and Music by Human of The Human Revolution

I wanna tell yall a little bit about a plant I know that can save the world.
It grows long and tall and has flowers that can make your mind swirl.
Its a sacred plant with a fiber that is resistant to rain and mold.
Its the strongest plant fiber known to man, the best rope youll ever hold.

Now the pioneers covered up their wagon train with a canvas made of hemp
Washington and Jefferson grew it on their farms and said to make the most of it.
The first stars and stripes were made on hemp the first constitution too.
Its used around the world for fuel fiber oil medicine and food.

If you press its seeds you wont have no need for any other oil,
You can make paints and inks or run your car, grow it back next season itll fix the soil.
The most nutritious seed you can put in your mouth with Omega 6 and 3
We can feed the world with the tree of life and live sustainably.

If we cut down all the trees, then we wont have no air to breath,
Grow a field of hemp instead, you can…

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